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Welcome to neuroccm.org [ncrit.org], by Houman Khosravani. This site is a work in development and dedicated to fostering interest and discussion about topics in neurocritical care, critical care, and stroke medicine. Areas of interest include: stroke, status epilepticus (SE), and cEEG in the ICU setting. Regarding status epilepticus, I am specifically interested in New-onset Refractory Status Epilepticus (NORSE). I am also interested in the computational advances being made that utilize machine learning and thus hope to write some material about this topic as well and how it relates to EEG analysis/neurophysiology, critical care, and stroke medicine.

Links, topics, and posts discussed on this site are by no means the end-all or definitive write-up of a topic and do not reflect anything other than personal opinion and perspective of a critical care physician/neuroscientist. If you are interest in contributing to neuroccm.org as a contributing author for future blog posts, then please contact me: houman[at]ccmd[dot]io