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Welcome to SiLab, the Stroke Innovation Lab ncrit.org/neuroccm.org the QI (quality improvement and innovation) lab of Dr. Houman Khosravani (Assistant Professor, Division of Neurology, University of Toronto). This is the lab’s website and dedicated to providing information on active projects, fostering interest in our lab’s clinical neuroscience projects that focus on quality improvement in acute stroke care, neurocritical care, and palliative medicine as applied to the acute clinical neurosciences.

Our lab’s academic areas of focus are Quality Improvement in acute Stroke and the intersection with neurocritical care. A focus of our lab is research on human performance factors, implementation of crisis resource management in stroke and simulation in stroke care. We are working on door-to-needle times and leveraging this QI work to enhance acute stroke care pathways for all door-to-intervention metrics. Our focus on human performance factors through code stroke simulation has been a focus. My academic group is also engaged in medical education for stroke patients, we have a podcast called StrokeFM. In 2021 StrokeFM was selected to be the Canadian Stroke Consortium’s official podcast with a mission toward knowledge translation using multimedia and web-based technologies. Two additional areas of special interest are using machine learning to improve stroke care with a specific focus on quality improvement. This work is being conducted in affiliation with T-CAIREM. My critical care interest are human factors, continuous EEG (cEEG), and medical resuscitation of stroke patients in a clinical neurosciences environment.

Disclaimer: Links, topics, and posts discussed on this site for educational purposes only, there is no duty of care, reflect personal opinions, and do not reflect or replace expert advice. Please get in touch if interested in collaborating on any stroke/neurovascular or neurocritical care initiatives.